Compu Assist Plans

Each plan can be customised to your requirement.
Please contact to arrange a discussion.


VXS1 - Managed Technology
  • A Monthly Fees to act as your IT Dept
  • Complete Management of your Technology
  • Once a week full day at your office to take care of all IT issues
  • Includes Planning and Continues Improvements
  • Includes Asset Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
VXS2 - Technology Lease
  • A Monthly Fees to set up a complete IT infrastructure
  • All Hardware, Software, Technology Required for your business
  • One Monthly Fee, No Upfront Capital Outlay
  • Great for startup companies
VXS3 - Hardware Repairs Support
  • One Year Fee to attend to all breakdowns in your office
  • All Hardware and Conditional Software Support
  • One Small Yearly Fee
VXS4 - Disaster Recovery and Prevention
  • A Yearly Fees to ensure all antivirus and operating system have latest patterns and patches
  • Monthly Backup of all Business Data Onsite and Offsite
  • Verifications of security logs and firewall activity
VXS5 - Hardware Protection Plan
  • A Yearly Fees to ensure all hardware is in good working order
  • Any hardware failures will receive free replacement hardware
  • Insurance and complete peace of mind against hardware repair costs