Information technology is the lifeline of today’s business. Thus all companies irregardless of size are much aware that it has to have a strong grasp off the information era and the best use these information tools to forge forward successfully in today’s very competitive markets.

The larger corporations have long realized the importance of in-house IT departments, which sole purpose is to place them on the cutting edge of this information era thus keeping them abreast or preferably ahead of their competitors.

Unfortunately most small and medium size companies are unable to justify the cost of setting up such an equip IT department, thus many rely on a sole It staff or an independent freelancer who is only able to maintain existing systems with limited exposure to the constant change in information technology and the ever evolving market demands for newer, better and faster communication and information tools

We at VXS Global Network have been providing IT consultancy service and supporting to almost 50 small and medium sige companies that have placed their trust in our Compuassist program that helps these companies upkeep the efficiency of their IT systems so that they can fully concentrate on successfully growing their businesses.

Experience at work
Recognized as a leader in Technology outsourcing by industry analysts and observers VXS Service professionals have been developing and delivering Managed Services to a variety of industries.

Our depth of experience and breadth of global reach enable us to help you:

  • Standardize your desktop and mobile device environment.
  • Consolidate help desks to streamline support and overall performance.
  • Increase employee productivity by minimizing compromised performance and outages.
  • Eliminate the need to setup and maintain a costly, complex internal support structure
  • Improve cost control with predictable monthly costs.